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money icon Duration - 3 Month, 8 hrs
calender icon Course fee: - INR 35000

This course is recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation, a PPP under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Government of India. You will receive a certificate cobranded by NSDC and Skill India on successful completion.

Who should take this course?

  • Privacy and Security Professionals: Individuals who work in privacy or cybersecurity roles, such as privacy officers, security analysts, and compliance officers. These professionals often deal with data protection and cybersecurity issues and need to understand the privacy implications of their actions.
  • IT and Information Security Managers: Managers who oversee IT and information security departments, ensuring that the technologies used by their organisations comply with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs): DPOs, especially in regions affected by GDPR, need a deep understanding of data protection laws and how they apply to technology.
  • Software Engineers and Developers: These professionals design and build systems and applications. Understanding privacy principles is crucial to ensure that the products they develop are compliant with privacy regulations and best practices.
  • Compliance Officers: Compliance professionals must understand various privacy laws and how they impact technology. The CIPT certification can provide a deeper understanding of these complexities.
  • Risk Management Professionals: Those who work in risk management need to understand the privacy risks associated with technology to effectively manage and mitigate these risks.
  • Legal Professionals Specialising in Privacy Law: Lawyers and legal advisors focusing on privacy law can benefit from the technical understanding of privacy that the CIPT provides, enhancing their legal advice in tech matters.
  • Product Managers in Tech Companies: Product managers responsible for the development and lifecycle of tech products need to ensure that privacy is integrated from the design phase onwards.
  • Consultants in Privacy and Data Protection: Consultants advising companies on privacy matters can broaden their service offerings and increase their expertise with a CIPT certification.
  • Students and Academics in IT or Privacy Fields: Students and academics who focus on IT, privacy, or related fields can gain a valuable credential and deepen their understanding of the intersection of technology and privacy.

What will you learn from this course?

  • You will learn to build privacy-friendly products, services and processes by embedding data protection throughout every stage of development.
  • You will learn the benefits and challenges of emerging technologies and how to use them while respecting customer privacy.
  • You will learn to protect data from various forms of interference.
  • You will learn to design software and systems to better ensure privacy.
  • You will learn to establish privacy practices for data security and control, such as minimization, limited access and encryption.
  • You will learn to audit infrastructure and communicate privacy issues with management, development, marketing and legal departments, and collaborate with them to produce solutions.

Training Methodology

Online 24/7 access

Access to basic study material through an online learning management system, Android and iOS app

Hard Copy Study Material

Hard copy study material modules to be couriered to your address

Mock tests and Practice MCQs

You will be provided 10 mock tests of 25 questions each, for each certification. In total, you will attempt about 250 questions easily before you attempt the Lead Auditor/ Lead Implementer exam for each certification.

Live Online Classes to Teach Paralegal Assignments Specific Work

There will be a live video-based online class to teach you specific US contract drafting work performed by paralegals. You can ask questions, share your screen, get personal feedback in this class. Every week there will be approx. 1-1.5 hours of class to teach you the work and give you feedback. There will be recordings available in case you miss a class.

Convenient Class timings

Classes are held after regular work hours. Typically classes are kept on Sunday afternoon or 8-9 pm on other days.

Live Doubt Clearing

You can ask questions in class, or on the learning management system when you read a chapter. You can also schedule a one-on-one session with evaluators to perform exercises or write articles

Money-back guarantee

If you take this course, follow it diligently for a month, do all the exercises but still do not find value in it, or not able to understand or follow it or not find it good for any reason, we will refund the entire course fee to you. It is a 100% money-back guarantee with only one condition, you must pursue it properly for a month. If you don’t find it valuable after that, get your entire money back.

Client Opportunities & Recruitment Support where required

Many employers, MNC’s,  consulting firms, law firms and other companies are happy to recruit our high performing students. If you do well in your exercises and classes, we can help you to get jobs, internships and assessment internships in good companies, consulting firms, law firms, with renowned professionals as well as in various companies.

Our team helps our students in building their profile on LinkedIn and freelancing platforms to increase their reach to the potential recruiters or clients.

Our experts guide the students on how to crack any interview.

On-demand, we provide mock interviews for our students looking for jobs.

We share multiple internship/recruitment opportunities every week on our LMS.

We help our students to get internships not only at MNCs, consulting firms, law firms and chambers, but also with rising startups in diverse sectors.

Our mentorship helps students to avoid running in the rat race behind the regular job openings; rather we help them design their own path based on their personal interests.

We share multiple and diverse client opportunities with our pool of professionals including IT professionals on a daily basis. Our references have helped several learners to scale up their work.  Our CIPT program goes beyond education, providing comprehensive support for career development and client recruitment, tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each student.


Foundational Principles

ringIcon Understanding of Privacy Risk Models and Frameworks

ringIcon FIPPs and OECD Principles

ringIcon NIST/NICE, ISO/IEC 27701, BS100112 PIMS

ringIcon Nissenbaum’s Contextual Integrity and Calo’s Harms Dimensions

ringIcon FAIR (Factor Analysis in Information Risk)

ringIcon Principles of Privacy by Design

ringIcon Lifecycle Protection, Embedded Design, Full Functionality

ringIcon Visibility, Transparency, Proactive Approach

ringIcon Privacy by Default, User Respect

ringIcon Technology Fundamentals in Privacy

ringIcon Risk Concepts: Threats, Vulnerabilities

ringIcon Data/Security Incidents vs. Personal Data/Privacy Breaches

ringIcon Privacy and Security Practices

ringIcon External and Internal Data Protection Policies

ringIcon Data Inventories, Classifications, Processing Records

ringIcon Enterprise Architecture, Cross-Border Data Transfers

ringIcon DPIAs, KRIs, KPIs

The Privacy Technologist’s Role

ringIcon General Responsibilities

ringIcon Roles within the Privacy Team (DPO, CPO, Compliance)

ringIcon Implementing Privacy Standards and Frameworks

ringIcon Translating Legal Requirements into Technical Solutions

ringIcon Consulting on Privacy Notices and Policies

ringIcon Technical Responsibilities

ringIcon Advising on Technology in Privacy and Security

ringIcon Implementing Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

ringIcon Handling Individuals’ Rights Requests

ringIcon Supporting Processing Activities and Data Flow Mapping

ringIcon Reviewing Security Incidents and Breach Notification

Privacy Risks, Threats, and Violations

ringIcon Data Ethics

ringIcon Legal vs Ethical Considerations

ringIcon Moral and Societal Issues in Data Privacy

ringIcon Bias and Discrimination in Data Handling

ringIcon Risks During Data Lifecycle

ringIcon Collection: Consent, Surveillance, Jurisdictional Issues

ringIcon Use: Security, Identification, Profiling 0A

ringIcon Dssemination: Disclosure, Breach of Confidentiality 0A

ringIcon Software Security

ringIcon Vulnerability Management

ringIcon Intrusion Detection, Change Management

ringIcon Open-source vs Closed-source Security

Privacy-Enhancing Strategies and Technologies

ringIcon Data-Oriented Strategies

ringIcon Separation, Minimization, Abstraction, Hiding

ringIcon Process-Oriented Strategies

ringIcon Individual Informing, User Control, Compliance

ringIcon Techniques - Aggregation, De-identification, Anonymization, Encryption, Identity Management, Privacy Incident Reporting

Privacy Engineering

ringIcon Role in the Organization

ringIcon Effective Implementation, Technological Controls

ringIcon Privacy Engineering Objectives

ringIcon Predictability, Manageability, Disassociability

ringIcon Privacy Design Patterns

ringIcon Positive and Negative Design Patterns

Privacy by Design Methodology

ringIcon Privacy by Design Process

ringIcon Goal Setting, Documenting Requirements, Risk Assessments

ringIcon High-Level and Low-Level Design, Implementation Controls

ringIcon Privacy Interfaces and User Experience

ringIcon UX Design, Consent Management, Usability Testing

Evolving or Emerging Technologies in Privacy

ringIcon Robotics and IoT

ringIcon Mobile Devices, Smart Homes, Drones

ringIcon Internet/eCommerce and Biometrics

ringIcon Adtech, Online Payments, Facial Recognition

ringIcon Corporate IT Services and Advanced Computing

ringIcon Cloud Infrastructure, Remote Working, AI, Blockchain

Course Plan


RS. 35000

incl. of all charges

Printed study material (by courier)

1 online live class/ week (12 weeks)

2 practical exercises per week 

Get digital access to entire study material

Access on LMS, Android & iOS app

Instructor feedback on assignments

Doubt clearing on LMS & classes

Instructor led course with online live classes

Online exams (give exams as per your convenience on given time slots)

Certificate (by courier)

Access to updated content online for 3 years

Doubt clearing within 24 hours