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SkillArbitrage is an initiative of Addictive Learning Technology Pvt Ltd, the name behind one of India's largest and most reputable online edtech brands. 

The initiative seeks to address the changing nature of global businesses in a post-Covid world, as remote work increasingly becomes the new normal, and companies can thus recruit talent from anywhere in the world. 

This is how we wish to promote the concept of talent and skill arbitrage, whereby a recruiter from the US, for instance, can find the talent they are looking for in a small town in India. Recruiters thus pay far less for quality work than they would had they sourced it from the US market, while the Indian recruit earns far more than the Indian market would offer. In short, win win. 

To recruiters, we offer the best professionally trained talents in areas such as policy drafting, content creation, virtual assistantship, privacy management, and strategic HR.

To aspiring recruits, we offer intensive, practical, and globally accredited training in areas such content writing, privacy management and cyber security, HR policy, investment term sheets, and finance management.