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Offerings and Achievements

Skill Arbitrage offers: 25+ Upskilling Courses

We generated over 1000+ success stories in 2023 for our learners.

180+ LawSikho & Skill Arbitrage learners received jobs in 2023, while 50+ internships were received and 840+ freelance opportunities were sourced for learners.

45 lakhs worth of freelance work was sourced by us and given to learners in 2023.

We brought 750+ women back to the workforce after they quit due to personal obstacles.

More than 500 learners have given us a rating of 4.8 on Google.
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Tech at Skill Arbitrage & LawSikho

skill Arbitrage extensively uses proprietary AI technology in training & evaluation and has developed one of the most advanced AI chatbots that drafts advanced contracts with a high level of accuracy without hallucinations

One of our major focus areas is to upskill professionals to use emerging AI tools to become more efficient at work. Currently, over 2000 learners are undergoing courses where we help them to become more productive with AI tools.

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Empowering Talents, Transforming Lives

  • Skill Arbitrage connects overlooked talent in Tier 2, Tier 3 cities, and small towns to high-paying global opportunities.
  • Learners secure global remote opportunities in Europe, the Middle East, the UK, Canada, and the USA.

SkillArbitrage Manifesto


Great opportunities do not have to flow through or be restricted to family or institutional networks


We believe that humanity is at a crossroads, and the best career opportunities in the world will be available to a global talent pool, not confined to a downtown office or limited by national borders.


We believe that international exports of services will leave exports of goods behind by miles in the years to come.


We refuse to accept that those living in small towns and developing economies can't have world-class careers.


We refuse to accept that to have a rewarding career, you have to compromise on your lifestyle, give up your freedoms, and migrate to large cities.


We refuse to accept that you have to spend a fortune and several years of your life in a university to acquire the skills and credentials you need to grow in your career.


We do not impart mere information or insights in our courses. We help you implement and produce results, and we charge you for the implementation support, which involves a lot of personal services.

What we do differently

  • Offerings/Features/Services



  • Total time to be spent on coursework and activities 400-500 hours 5-6 hours
  • Live classes for 18-24 months, or longer if needed
  • Learn 100 skills relevant for the domestic and international markets
  • Practice through weekly assignments and get feedback to improve
  • Assistance to build your track record by writing assignments
  • Placement assistance for jobs and internships
  • Comprehensive guidance on securing remote international freelance work to start earning
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Recognised training programs from NSDC & Skill India
  • EMIs & financial assistance
  • Money-back guarantee 45 day money-back guarantee

Addictive Learning Technology Team

We are 530+ Team Members, Everyone working remotely, Operating from 8 Countries and 150+ Cities