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money icon Duration - 6 Month, 8-10 hours/week
calender icon Course fee: - INR 63000

Key Highlights

  • This course enables you to build your profile and work with startups, SMEs and large companies, top executives, law firm partners and other successful professionals as a well paid freelancer, content writer, virtual assistant and other remote opportunities.
  • You don’t have to be a software engineer, data scientist or lawyer to benefit from international remote work - people having skills and building profile in the ways taught in this course are always in great demand
  • Escape the office cubicle, exhausting daily commute and being forced to live in cramped spaces. After building such an online profile you can get a lot of freelance work which you can do while travelling the world, or living wherever you wish. 
  • We can help you to get a very flexible job/ paid internships/ freelance work/ remote opportunities that enables you to earn up to USD 6000-10000 per month while having time for your family and loved ones.
  • We will teach you to make the most in demand profile that will make you very attractive for fast-growing startups, influencers, busy entrepreneurs and executives, such that they would be delighted to pay you USD 30-40 per hour as you make their life easier and growth faster
  • All the skills to do such work can be learned in 3 months provided that your English communication skills are upto the mark. Knowing a foreign language can be a bonus.
  • 3 months, 2 hours a day, that is all we ask from you to master these skills. 
  • It is possible to get full time remote jobs, part time work or remote freelance assignments after this course as well if you prefer that.
  • We have helped more than 5000 students and professionals from India to get remote jobs and freelance work in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other places. You could be our next success story!


Do you want to secure decent earnings as a student/ fresh graduate to support yourself and your family?

Have people told you that it is not possible to earn as a student/ fresh graduate and you are still looking for a way out?

Are you stuck in a situation where you are not getting enough practical learning/ skills from your college which can be used to get financially independent?

Does it feel like opportunities to earn well as a normal graduate (without any professional degree) in your city/town have shut their doors on you?

Are you feeling confused about how to secure the right kind of training that can actually help you to work independently and remotely?

Are you feeling lost about how to find the right network or the right way to approach potential clients/ startups/ top executives to get work from them?

Do you believe that your communication methods for getting a project/ job/ clients may not be up to the mark and may need sharpening?

We have some bad news for you. And some good news.

If you are looking to secure work/ projects/ remote opportunities/ jobs in the traditional areas with your normal graduation degree/ without a professional degree or as a student/ fresh graduate and using the standard method of applying, it can be very difficult for you. 

This is because these areas have been in existence for many years and there are a lot of people looking for opportunities in these areas in exactly the same manner. 

You will not be able to secure these opportunities in the same way that you used to, before. 

It means that if you actually want to earn well, you need to challenge the understanding that you grew up with, as regards earning money or getting a job.

But the good news is that a different way of working is now gradually gaining acceptance and will prevail in the coming years. This may not be the work that you have traditionally seen, and it isn’t something that your seniors have seen either!

The new normal has forced startups, firms, companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals to adopt the ways of the virtual world, learn to function in a virtual workplace, understand how the physical file storages have now been compressed into google drives, dropbox folders or other record management softwares, how the physical signatures have now been changed to digital, and how your market now extends not only beyond your city, but beyond your country.

The rewards of this new type of virtual/ remote work can be beyond your wildest dreams. 

Imagine this: At one point of time, you can be struggling to find even the lowest paid jobs in your own city.

In a very short span of time, you can be calling people from all over the world your clients/ employer.

Seems too good to be true?

Have a look at the list of our students here who got clients from the United States, Germany, Australia, Philippines, UAE, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Hongkong, Singapore, Lithuania, China and other places.

This is what the new type of working style can yield. 

The only thing that you need in order to achieve these results is to develop your skills, build your profile and then act on generating value for an employer and client. Just that the skills should be the ones that the industry needs and profile should be at places where they search. 

Why did we make this course?

  • Are you struggling in a dead end job that pays too less and forces you to be stuck in a cubicle?
  • Do you want more freedom while you get paid well for your work?
  • Are you a student in need to have a supplemental side income? Are you a parent who needs more time to spend with their family without giving up on their career?
  • Do you belong to a small town where good job opportunities are hard to come by?
  • Are you someone who doesn’t have a professional degree and still wants to earn well?
  • Are you someone who is struggling because no one notices your profile?
  • Do you want to explore the world as a digital nomad while earning handsomely by working a few hours every day no matter where you are?
  • Are you someone who tried to make a profile on freelance platforms but couldn’t get any work?


  • You help business leaders and organisations to function better, grow faster by keeping their schedule smooth, producing highly effective content which they post on company blogs, as guest posts and on their social media profiles.
  • Help CEOs and senior executives with managing their social media, business communications, building unique content, outreach and a brand - things that they really care about
  • You get paid $10 for every hour of work, earning $2000 per month through your profile on reliable platforms. 
  • You get timely payment for your hard work directly in your account no matter your client is sitting in which country.
  • No need to get any fancy degree or learn difficult skills
  • Work remotely from anywhere you want, travel the world if you wish

Is this possible?


You can work remotely as a freelancer and work as a virtual assistant, content strategist etc. and achieve a dream lifestyle. You can even use these roles as a springboard to bigger and better opportunities.

All you have to do is to create a good profile in the correct way and on correct platforms and learn some basic skills like blog writing that help startups, brands and service providers to gain visibility or make their work easier. 

We can train you for this role in 3 months, and all you need is to study with us for 2 hours a day for those 3 months.

Only qualification needed: good English communication, ability to use a computer and the internet.

Age, location, lack of experience - no bar.

Who should take this course?

  • College students who need to become financially independent
  • Graduates and people who doesn’t have some professional degree and who are struggling to find a job that pays them well
  • Anyone with good English communication skills who is earning less than Rs 50,000 per month
  • Those who live in a small town or villages and do not find good job opportunities locally
  • Parents of young children who want to work part time from home without having to commute to work
  • People having medical conditions which doesn’t allow them to do a regular job and earn well
  • Any professional who wants to escape the cubicle lifestyle and work as a digital nomad

What is the career potential after doing this course?

  • Work as a virtual assistant for CEOs, startup founders, business owners, senior executives and busy professionals
  • You can also work as SEO specialist, content strategist, marketing executive/ manager, social media manager, blogger, ghostwriter, research assistant, transcriptor/ caption writer, business developer, etc. with various organisations.
  • You may be able to land entry level remote jobs in sales, marketing, business development, PR, operations and customer service with SMEs, startups, influencers and organisations in US.
  • Similar opportunities exist in the Middle East, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and other developed countries as well
  • A remote jobs in a developed country can pay you much better than local jobs in developing countries
  • This course will prepare you for entry level operational jobs in US startups as well

What is unique about this course?

  • This is a very practical course - you will practical insights on creating amazing profile to get remote and freelance opportunities hands on by experts who have helped thousands of students to do so
  • We will train you to identify and show the most high demand tasks in your profile so that you can hit the ground running
  • We will help you in listing your gigs on various freelance platforms
  • You will learn how to make an attractive proposal which compels the client to give work to you
  • You will also learn to set and negotiate competitive rates so that you always beat your competitors
  • You get massive placement support - we help you to source jobs, apply for them, write great proposals, use social media for finding opportunities, building a track record, getting work from platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and even train you for interviews
  • If you work hard, we will help you to embark on an exciting and well paid career in next 3 months

Money-back guarantee

If you take this course, follow it diligently for a month, attend all the classes, do all the exercises but still do not find value in it, or not able to understand or follow it or not find it good for any reason, we will refund the entire course fee to you. It is a 100% money-back guarantee with only one condition, you must pursue it properly for a month. If you don’t find it valuable after that, get your entire money back.

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Training Methodology

Online 24/7 access

Access to basic study material through an online learning management system, Android and iOS app

Hard Copy Study Material

Hard copy study material modules to be couriered to your address

Practical Exercises

2 practical exercises (in 1 assignment) every week, followed by written feedback on your submissions

Live Online Classes

Based on the exercises, there will be a live video-based online class. You can ask questions, share your screen, get personal feedback in this class.

Convenient Class timings

Classes are held after regular work hours. Typically classes are kept on Sunday afternoon or 8-9 pm on other days.

Live Doubt Clearing

You can ask questions, get your doubt cleared live as well as through online forums


Placement assistance for securing job and internship opportunities and assistance for securing freelancing opportunities

Client Opportunities, freelancing opportunities & Recruitment Support where required

Many startups, MNCs, and law firms are happy to recruit our high performing students. If you do well in your exercises and classes, we can help you to get freelance work, remote jobs and  internships.

Our team will assist students in building a profile on freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr, in listing gigs and making attractive proposals. 

Online Faculty


Director of Employability and Placements at SkillArbitrage

Yash Vijayvargiya,

Content Head, Skill Arbitrage, Advocate, Madhya Pradesh High Court, ex-BPCL.


Introduction to Freelancing

ringIcon Understanding the world of freelancing and how it works

ringIcon Big opportunities arising for freelancers and how much they can earn?

ringIcon Best Freelancing Platforms and deciding which are best for you

ringIcon How to decide and quote competitive rates on freelance platforms

ringIcon Starting small with big goals

ringIcon Variety of work available for students and graduates without a professional degree and how to choose your niche as a freelancer

ringIcon Checklist of requirements when you create your profile on freelance platforms

ringIcon How to decide freelance is for you?


ringIcon How to create a winning profile on Upwork?

ringIcon How to check profiles of your competitors on Upwork?

ringIcon How to Update your profile based on jobs you apply for?

ringIcon How much time should you spend on Upwork and what should your strategy be?

ringIcon How to apply for/ find jobs on Upwork?

ringIcon List of terms for foreign freelance/ remote work

ringIcon Importance of testimonials on Upwork, getting them and using them to build credibility

ringIcon How to create a Specialized Profiles in addition to your generalised profile on Upwork?

ringIcon Using Connects to send proposals on Upwork and how to get more

ringIcon How to set-up a Payment Method on Upwork?

ringIcon How to set payment milestones on Upwork

ringIcon How to use Upwork Desktop App?


ringIcon Fiverr- A GIG based Platform

ringIcon Introduction to Fiverr

ringIcon How to create a profile?

ringIcon What is GIG? ; Difference between profile and GIG ; Types of GIGs on Fiverr

ringIcon How to check impressions and clicks?

ringIcon How to check Buyer requests?

ringIcon How to Communicate with Buyers? And how to send custom offers to Buyers?

ringIcon How to deliver work on Fiverr?

ringIcon How to Optimise

Tutor Me

ringIcon Introduction to Tutor Me

ringIcon How to create profile on Tutor Me


ringIcon Introduction to Chegg

ringIcon How to create profile on Cheg

ringIcon FAQ answered by Chegg Expert

People Per Hour

ringIcon How to register on People Per Hour

ringIcon Optimization of People Per Hour account


ringIcon How to register on Guru?

ringIcon Optimization of Guru account

Pepper Content

ringIcon How to register and work on Pepper Content

How to use LinkedIn and Twitter to get work directly from social media

ringIcon How to use Linked In and Facebook for freelancing opportunities?

ringIcon How to find jobs on LinkedIn?

ringIcon How to create list of your target market

ringIcon How to approach clients through Social Media

ringIcon How to approach International companies / Startups for remote freelancing work

ringIcon How to find opportunities of Freelancing through Various Job portals? Eg- Indeed, Simply Hired

ringIcon How to reach out to Silicon Valley startups

ringIcon Notes on how to reach out to Silicon Valley startups

ringIcon How to network effectively with Silicon Valley startups online as a student/ fresh graduate and get them to pay you for work

ringIcon How to use Twitter as a student/ graduate and get clients

Additional Resources- Recorded sessions

ringIcon Virtual talk with the victorious - a freelancer's roadmap

ringIcon Network = Networth

ringIcon Top platforms for finding freelance paralegal work online

ringIcon How can students earn money? | Ramanuj Mukherjee

Course Plan


RS. 63000

incl. of all charges

Instructor led course with online live classes

Online exams (give exams as per your convenience on given time slots)

1 online live class/ week (24 weeks)

2 practical exercises per week (24 weeks - total 48 Exercises)

Hard copy certificate (by courier)

Printed study material (by courier)

Course completion criteria: Complete 50 percent of the total exercises (72 exercises to be completed) along with MCQs test.

6 content writing assignments (optional)

Get digital access to entire study material

Access on LMS, Android & iOS app

Instructor-feedback on assignments

Doubt-clearing on Discord, LMS & classes

Placement assistance for internship, jobs and referrals CV enhancement

Networking opportunities with other students & alumni and further guidance on professional networking

Training for writing and publishing articles, making profile and taking work on freelance platforms, etc

Access to updated content online for 3 years

Doubt-clearing within 24 hours