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money icon Duration - 3 Month, 8-10 hours/week
calender icon Course fee: - INR 51000

This course is recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation, a PPP under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Government of India. You will receive a certificate cobranded by NSDC and Skill India on successful completion.

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Introduction to HR Analytics software and tools

ringIcon What is HR Analytics?

ringIcon Importance of HR Analytics in modern organizations

ringIcon Competitive advantage of using HR Analytics

ringIcon Data collection methods (e.g., surveys, interviews, databases)

ringIcon Data cleaning and preparation techniques

ringIcon Overview of statistical analysis methods

ringIcon Data visualisation: Power BI, Tableau & Google Studio

ringIcon Hands-on exercises with data analysis tools

Building HR Analytics Dashboards and Scorecards

ringIcon Importance of data visualization in HR Analytics

ringIcon Key metrics and KPIs for HR

ringIcon Creating effective dashboards and scorecards

ringIcon Best practices for data storytelling

ringIcon Hands-on project: Building an HR Analytics dashboard

Recruitment Branding and Data-Driven Job Descriptions

ringIcon Quantifying recruitment branding efforts

ringIcon Extracting insights from Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS)

ringIcon Analyzing exit interviews

ringIcon Monitoring recruitment newsletter metrics

ringIcon Creating data-driven job descriptions

ringIcon Analyzing past hiring data to identify successful profiles

Compensation and Incentives Optimization

ringIcon Using analytics to determine ratio of compensation and incentives in different departments

ringIcon Analyzing past data to determine optimal compensation structure

ringIcon Using data to determine effectiveness of rewards and recognition programs

ringIcon Case studies: Optimizing incentives in different industries (e.g., manufacturing, software)

Enhancing Sales Performance with HR Analytics

ringIcon Importance of HR Analytics in sales

ringIcon Recording and analyzing sales interactions

ringIcon Natural Language Processing (NLP) for conversation analysis

ringIcon Identifying training needs based on data

ringIcon Monitoring sales pipeline accuracy

ringIcon Creating scorecards for sales teams and leaders

ringIcon Case study: Transforming a sales organization using HR Analytics

Talent Analytics and Workforce Planning

ringIcon Using analytics for talent acquisition and management

ringIcon Identifying high-potential employees

ringIcon Succession planning and leadership development

ringIcon Workforce planning and forecasting

ringIcon Case studies: Talent analytics in practice

Employee Engagement and Retention Analytics

ringIcon Measuring and analyzing employee engagement

ringIcon Identifying drivers of employee turnover

ringIcon Predictive models for employee attrition

ringIcon Strategies for improving employee retention

ringIcon Hands-on project: Analyzing employee engagement data

Advanced HR Analytics Applications

ringIcon Performance management and gamification

ringIcon Rewards and recognition programs

ringIcon Compliance audits

ringIcon Managing remote teams using HR Analytics

ringIcon Success story: How the company used HR Analytics to grow rapidly

Ethics and Privacy in HR Analytics

ringIcon Ethical considerations in data collection and analysis

ringIcon Maintaining employee privacy and data security

ringIcon Avoiding bias and discrimination in HR Analytics

ringIcon Legal and regulatory compliance

ringIcon Best practices for ethical HR Analytics

Course Plan


RS. 51000

incl. of all charges

Printed study material (by courier)

2 practical exercises/ Drafting exercises per week (12 weeks50 weeks)

10 writing assignments (10 weeks)

1 online live class/week (12 weeks50 weeks)

Get digital access to entire study material

Access on LMS, Android & iOS app

Instructor feedback on assignments

Doubt clearing on WhatsApp, LMS & classes

Instructor led course with online live classes

Online exams (give exams as per your convenience on given time slots)

Certificate (by courier)

CV enhancement

Coaching for professional networking

Internship & job Support

Interview preparation support

Networking with students & alumni

Content access for 3 years

Doubt clearing within 24 hours

Top performers are recommended for jobs and client opportunities