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money icon Duration - 6 Month, 8-10 hours/week
calender icon Course fee: - INR 51000

This course is recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation, a PPP under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Government of India. You will receive a certificate cobranded by NSDC and Skill India on successful completion.

Key Highlights

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Stay updated with Latest Social Media Trends: Join this course to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest trends in Social Media management and content creation.

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Unique Applications of AI Tools: Discover innovative ways to utilise AI tools to their fullest extent. Gain practical knowledge and insights into how AI can be applied in various domains of social media management and lead generation.

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No Technical Background Required: Don't worry if you have no prior knowledge of Social Media or a technical background. This course is designed to teach the ins and outs of social media, focusing on practical applications.

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Interactive Classes with Live Demonstrations: Experience engaging and interactive classes where different strategies and skills of social media management and content creation will be demonstrated live. Learn by seeing practical examples and gain hands-on experience.

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Opportunities for Freelance Work: This comprehensive course not only equips you with social media management skills but also provides opportunities to generate freelance work. Unlock the potential to offer social media-related services to clients and expand your professional opportunities.

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Expert Instructors and Guest Lectures: Learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors who have expertise in Social Media and its practical applications. Our faculty members bring real-world experience and industry insights to the course, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

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Dynamic course syllabus to keep up with the evolving field of Social Media.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to develop comprehensive social media strategies aligned with business goals.
  • Learn what it takes to build a business development engine and a client delivery engine for yourself as well as your client
  • Learn the most important metrics to track as a social media manager
  • Learn how to Identify key social media platforms and their unique characteristics and user demographics.
  • Learn the hacks of AI and its applications in social media management.
  • Learn how to analyse social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Learn how to implement best practices for engaging with followers and building an online community.
  • Learn how to analyse case studies of successful AI-powered social media campaigns and apply them to your clients or your own agency.
  • Explore tools and technologies for scaling operations and managing client accounts.
  • Learn how to work for high-potential clients in advanced economies and earn more than what you can earn in India.


Reeha Paul started as an electrical engineer but transitioned into digital marketing after post-graduation, channeling her passion for creative writing. She joined Skill Arbitrage and upskilled her writing and social media skills through our courses. After joining the course, she bagged multiple clients and she has earned a total of USD 500, doing the work of content creation and social media management.

Reeha Paul


Amita Chauhan had over 12 years of corporate experience but had to quit her job due to personal reasons. After joining SkillArbitrage, she was able to kickstart her career as a social media strategist and content creator. Within 6 months of completing the course, she bagged 23 clients and earned more than INR 90k. She also started her LinkedIn in January 2024 and managed to reach over 150k impressions in 28 days with her content.

Amita Chauhan


Who Should Take This Course

  • If you are a social media manager and want to create an AI-powered Social media agency.
  • If you are looking to take your Social Media Agency business to the next level with content marketing, this course will help.
  • If you are an entrepreneur who manages their own social media accounts and wants to learn how to use AI and social media to skyrocket your revenue.
  • ​​If you are a content creator looking to strategize, optimize, and create content using AI tools for managing social media platforms.
  • If you are a college student seeking financial independence.
  • If you are a student or a young professional from small towns or rural areas who cannot find good job opportunities locally.
  • If you want to work for fast-growing startups, global corporations or international startups.
  • If you want to be a digital nomad.
  • If you already have a job but you are not satisfied with how much you earn or the work conditions, or feel that your talent and skills are not valued.

Your potential employers or clients

  • fintech companies
  • SaaS companies
  • digital marketing agencies
  • every organisation that has a blog
  • non profit organisations & charities
  • edtech startups (for marketing, for content)
  • B2B startups for their funnels, blogs, communities
  • Anyone who is building a website
  • Every e-commerce brand
  • Every content creator and influencers
  • startup founders and business owners (in personal capacity).

What is unique about this course

  • This course comprehensively covers the strategies and techniques on how to create social media content, work out the social media operations, Organic lead generation, lead nurturing and funnel marketing.
  • You will learn high-demand skills, 1-2 skills every week for the length of the course.
  • You will have online live classes every week - 2 live classes every week, after work hours (8-9:30 pm IST if between Monday to Saturday, or Sunday afternoons; recordings available if you miss).
  • You will have interactive classes with high-quality discussions which will be taken by the experts of this course. You can get all the doubts resolved in the classes or even outside the classes through calendly and email.
  • You will get personal attention and coaching from our trainers who will be assigned to you, and have access to a dedicated course anchor who will help you with submissions or any guidance or issues you may have as you progress through the course.
  • You will receive in-line feedback for the assignments you submit, which will improve your performance to a significant extent. 
  • You will get placement assistance so that you can access career opportunities and freelance work, including one-on-one assistance to build your freelance profiles, identify potential clients & opportunities, one-on-one guidance on your initial proposals until you are confident, mock interviews so that you can crack real client & job interviews  
  • You will get performance coaches to push you, and give you weekly targets.

Money back guarantee

If you take this course, follow it diligently for a month, attend all classes and do all the exercises but still do not find value in it, or are not able to understand or follow it or not find it good for any reason, we will refund the entire course fee to you. It is a 100% money back guarantee with only one condition, you must pursue it properly for a month. If you don’t find it valuable after that, get your entire money back.

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Training Methodology

Online 24/7 access

Access to basic study material through an online learning management system, Android and iOS app

Practical Exercises

Two practical exercises (in one assignment) every week, followed by written feedback on your submissions

Live Online Classes

Based on the exercises, there will be a live video-based online class, where you can ask questions, share your screen, and get personal feedback

Convenient Class timings

Classes are held after regular work hours, typically on Sunday afternoons or from 8.00-9.00 pm on other days

Live Doubt Clearing

You can ask questions, get your doubt cleared live as well as through Calendly


Placement assistance for securing job and internship opportunities and assistance for securing freelancing opportunities



Director of Employability and Placements at SkillArbitrage


B. Tech. (IIT), MBA (IIM), Ph.D., LL.B.

Yash Vijayvargiya,

Content Head, Skill Arbitrage, Advocate, Madhya Pradesh High Court, ex-BPCL.

Vishal Yadav,

Senior Associate at Lawsikho


Stack 1: Social media content creation

ringIcon Customer persona creation

ringIcon Virality content structures:

Hook, Lead, Deliver; 
Pain, Agitate, Solution, 
Before, After, Bridge, 
Story, Offer Action

ringIcon Template formats for viral reels

ringIcon Customer journey: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

ringIcon How to use storytelling, emotions & vulnerability

ringIcon Common types of social media content:

Case studies & success stories
Interviews & podcast content
Press releases
Monthly newsletter from CEO
Investor updates
Sharing competitive advantages strategically on social media

ringIcon How to create brand building content: social media posts, twitter threads, blogs, reels & shorts, podcasts, YouTube longform videos, etc.

ringIcon Lead nurturing content creation & funnel content creation: ads, emails, Whatsapp, Telegram, contests, etc.

ringIcon Lead generation content creation - ads, live webinars, video sales letters, lead magnets, free guides and giveaway content, etc.

ringIcon Repurposing content

ringIcon How to craft powerful calls to action for generating business outcomes

Stack 2: Social media operations

ringIcon Preparation of a social media calendar

ringIcon Identification of potentially viral topics

ringIcon Project creation & management

ringIcon Logistics for paid ads, audiences & targeting: FB, LI, Twitter, Google, YT

ringIcon Platform selection for different tools and services

ringIcon Key metrics for engagement & conversions (CAC, ARPU, RoAS, CTR)

ringIcon Automation of ops with AI & integrations

ringIcon Pilot conceptualisation & goal-setting

ringIcon Tracking and measurement for organic & paid content

ringIcon Conversion Rate Optimisation & decision-making based on data

Stack 3: Online events and driving audience to attend

ringIcon Creation of an event calendar

ringIcon Creation of a social media promotion calendar

ringIcon Planning out event questions, script, identify the host, etc.

ringIcon Creating marketing collateral for events

ringIcon Running the ops for events

ringIcon Hosting the event

ringIcon Live streaming tools for offline events

ringIcon Monetisation techniques for live events + recordings

Stack 4: Lead nurturing and funnel marketing

ringIcon Understanding offers and enhancing them

ringIcon 7 types of marketing funnels & selection of appropriate funnel

ringIcon Funnel structure: Top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel

ringIcon Content strategy for top, bottom and middle of the funnel

ringIcon Follow-up funnels, upsell and downsell funnels, lead revival and reengagement funnels

ringIcon Critical tools for deployment of marketing funnels

ringIcon Project management for launching funnels

ringIcon Ad funnels, email & Whatsapp funnels

ringIcon Essential metrics for funnel performance, data & tracking

ringIcon Funnel optimisation

ringIcon How to deploy AI in funnel creation & optimisation

Stack 5: Organic lead generation

ringIcon Inbound content marketing

Whitepapers, giveaway content
Writing brochures
Blogging, guest posting

ringIcon SEO - Onpage & Off page SEO

ringIcon Lead magnet creation with AI

ringIcon Tool Marketing

Course Plan


RS. 51000

incl. of all charges

2 online live class/ week (24 weeks)

2 practical exercises per week

Get digital access to entire study material

Access on LMS, Android & iOS app

Instructor feedback on assignments

Doubt clearing on LMS & classes

Instructor led course with online live classes

Online exams (give exams as per your convenience on given time slots)

Certificate (by courier)

Access to updated content online for 3 years